Goldstar Reviews of “Swinging with the Rat Pack!”at B.B. King Blues Club (New York City)

Fred Velez

attended Jun 03 2013

Great show, brings back the days with the Rat Pack. The cast are fantastic, they really studied Frank, Dean, Sammy and Marilyn well. A wonderful show, definitely worth seeing.

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attended Dec 22 2012

Great show!

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attended Apr 29 2012

Had a great time! These three gentlemen played the parts well, sang well and were a lot of fun.



attended Apr 22 2012

I absolutely recommend this event to everyone – my friend who attended with me was not familiar with the Rat Pack and she RAVED about what a great time we both had. They have the voices and mannerisms down perfectly – “Sammy” did some extra impersonations that were fabulous and “Frank” was truly “Old Blue Eyes” I would definitely return and bring family and friends for a unforgettable evening of entertainment that we have not enjoyed since the original Rat Pack. Go, see and enjoy!!!



attended Apr 15 2012

This was a fun evening. Strongly recommend especially for your out of town guests. I would do it again!


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attended Apr 15 2012

Loved it and very funny


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attended Apr 01 2012

The show was on time and the performers were “AMAZINGLY” real!



attended Apr 01 2012

We had a blast. My hubby’s birthday and Sinatra sang with him. The guys were terrific.


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attended Apr 01 2012

Good atmosphere, great fun. I would recommend it.


Maureen Riley

attended Dec 18 2011

I was not sure at first my husband wanted to go, i was quite surprised, the venue was nice, that rat pack was funny, great voices , just a really good time had.


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attended Dec 11 2011

Lots of fun, great impersonations and interaction with public. Just a laid-back fun time, highly recommended!


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attended Dec 11 2011

The show is a wonderful romp and set up of the Rat Pack days.The performers have learned the nuances, the moves, the charisma of Dino, Sammy and Frank. Very accomplished and totally enjoyable antics and singing. Bring anybody who remembers the Rat Pack of the 60′s, they will not be disappointed.



attended Dec 11 2011

I purchased these tickets as a gift for my mom & aunt. My husband & I also attended. Well…we had an amazing time!!! My aunt was in awe of Sinatra & Dean was flirting with my mom. This is a definite MUST SEE if The Rat Pack is ever in your neighborhood. B.B. Kings has a great atmosphere to see a show or to just go for food & drinks!!! I will definitely go again!!!


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attended Dec 04 2011

The Performers were fantastic!


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attended Dec 04 2011

Fun, energetic, great atmosphere, and very engaging. I’d go again!

Nancy Lombardo

attended Apr 08 2011

Terrific fun show, totally pro and the singers are hilarious and excellent vocalists…food was good too.



attended Sep 24 2010

Very entertaining. I thought Dino, Frankie and Sammy were all great. I loved Marilyn and her costumes. It was fun to hear those old songs.


attended Dec 18 2009

A lot of fun and very entertaining. Loved the audience participation.



attended Dec 18 2009

A fun night for all. A group of very talented entertainers. From the moment the show began until the very end I was kept smiling, laughing and entertained. Brought back memories from an era long since gone!

Helene C.

attended May 25 2008

We found it very entertaining. The performers looked and sang like the Rat Pack and had a lot of fun interaction with the audience. We thoroughly enjoyed the evening.

‘Rat Pack’ at Wood: Sold out, With Good Reason

By Kate Austin Chronicle Arts Writer

It was a scramble to find a single press ticket to Saturday’s soldout Rat Pack at the Wood Theater, but 98.5 WCKM, who presented the show with Hudson River Community Credit Union, came through for me.

I’m glad they did. This show was spectacular. The performers not only sang with the spot-on voices of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis, Jr. and Marilyn Monroe, but their swagger, look and banter were also tops. They kidded each other during the songs in a nimble comedic dynamic.

Admittedly, these guys were big long before my time, but I’ve inherited an appreciation through the “eye-talian,” as Dean and Frank joked, side of my family.

A “tipsy” Dino flirted with the audience, with a quick wit — “What’s your name, baby? Betsy? You can sew me a flag any time.” With a drink in one hand, a cigarette in the other, his crooning voice sounded just like the real thing.

The fellow next to me even turned to me and said, “He hasn’t changed a bit! He sounds great!” Dean did throw in an anachronistic Viagra joke. Were he alive today, he likely would have done the same.

Frank lit a smoke and took drags as he sang “One For My Baby (And One More For The Road)” in a touching spotlight solo. He invited two “broads” from the audience onstage to sing “That’s Life” to, cracking jokes the whole time.

For Sammy’s solo, he sang and danced to “The Candy Man,” then took off his jacket for a solemn “Mr. Bojangles.” He also sang “Black Magic,” while doing hilarious impersonations of Don Knotts, Marlon Brando, Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, James Brown, Katherine Hepburn, Al Pacino, Jerry Lewis, James Cagney and Louis Armstrong — in one song.

His jokes about mopping the floor and asking if any of “his people” were in the room were a little uncomfortable, but that’s time travel for you. It’s exactly what Sammy kidded about, back when.

The whole audience sang along to “That’s Amore,” and I’ll admit, I was moved to sing along at top volume.

Marilyn crashed the party and sang a breathy, glamorous “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend,” and then, “You Gotta Choose Me” with the boys.

She sang another solo — “My Heart Belongs to Daddy,” after which she said, “Hello, Daddy!” to a fellow in the audience named Charlie, who she dragged on stage and sang, “I Want to be Loved By You” to while groping the poor guy. It might have been the funniest part of the show.

Frank and Dino went back and forth with the first lines of one of their own songs, goofing on the second line — “Return to me… I’ve got a sink full of dirty dishes,” sang Dean.

Then, to end, a killer version of “Mack the Knife” and “New York, New York,” complete with audience members kicking in a chorus line.

The actors lined up afterward in the lobby to greet the audience, and suddenly I felt like sobbing. My Italian grandparents and mom would have enjoyed this so much. It was all I could do to snap the above shot with a straight face and get out the door before the tears fell.

My grandfather, Papa John, had that quick wit like Dino. He died a couple of weeks ago. This one’s for him and Nonnie.